Whiting Chalk Powder, Calcium Carbonate - CaCO3

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whiting chalk powder

Whiting Chalk Powder (Calcium Carbonate - CaCO3)

Whiting chalk powder is used by many industries like paint, rubber, glass, paper, and construction industries and is widely used as a filling agent in their product.


  • CaCO3
  • Smoothness
  • Elasticity
  • Plasticity
  • Opacity
  • Brightness
  • Low Sodium
  • Hot water resistance
  • Superfinishing after setting
  • High-grade technical strength
  • Highly sticky
  • Reduce paint usage
  • Ultraviolet protection (UV Resistance)

Others Name of Whiting Chalk Powder

  • CaCO3
  • Chalk powder
  • Calcium Carbonate

Types of Whiting Chalk Powder

  • White
  • Chalk Lump
  • Powder
  • Yellow
  • Off White Grade

Product Description

  • Al2O3 (%) = 84-88
  • Fe2O3 (%) = ≤ 4
  • CaO (%) = ≤ 1.5
  • SiO2 (%) = ≤ 4.0
  • Tio2 (%) = ≤ 4.0
  • BD (gm/cc) = ≥ 3.2


  • Paint manufacturer Grade
  • Cement primers manufacturer
  • Distemper manufacturer grade
  • Insecticides - pesticides manufacturer grade
  • Glass manufacturer grade
  • Wall putty grade
  • PVC flooring grade
  • Portray farm grade
  • Rubber Industries
  • Manufacturing of Tyres & Tubes
  • Shoes Compounding
  • Chemical & Cosmetic Industries
  • Paper Industries
  • Ceramics
  • Allied Industries
  • Waterproofing

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